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Rope Rescue Technician

On Tuesday 05/03/2023, Two members along with crews from Reading Fire Department, Philadelphia Fire Department, Bucks County Special Operations, and a few other companies completed a 72 hour NFPA 1006 Rope Rescue Technician class over the last two weeks. This course enhances the rescuers ability to perform critical skill sets to meet the intent of NFPA 1670 Rope Rescue Awareness, Operations, Technician in the field of technical rescue. During this course, rescuers reviewed rope rescue systems, application theories, and high angle challenges to accurately and safely execute the skill sets required for professional certification. Topics included, rescue incident management, technical vs. non-technical rescue considerations, rescue strategies/tactics, resource management, access and removal considerations, hazard identification/control, rope management, ascending/descending systems, rope rescue equipment identification and application, patient removal techniques/selection criteria, basic patient care, packaging, and removal, basic and advanced anchor systems, and applicable OSHA/NFPA laws and standards. This course is designed in accordance with NFPA 1006 and 1670. #blandonfire